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Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme :)

September 15, 2010
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If you haven’t heard or ever seen a Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme bar, you’re missing out on life.

They usually look like this. 16 rectangles of pure goodness. If you like white chocolate, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try this. They cost around $0.50 so it’s not like you’re paying a fortune for a bar. If you like Crunch bars, you should try this too. It may not look like a lot of cookie bits in it, but it actually has a lot.

There you can see the bottom of it and how many cookie bits it actually has. Where can you find them? I usually get mine at Albertson’s or Walmart. Once in a while (and I really mean ONCE in a while) they go on sale for 3/$0.99. Make sure not to miss those. Those prices only come around 4 times a year. So what are you waiting for? GO GET IT ♥

WARNING: You WILL get addicted to this, so eat in moderation! 🙂


Interesting Teacher.

September 14, 2010

I’m in a club called Quiz Bowl. We have meetings so often it gets kind of annoying. The teacher/leader/instructor of the club/team is a SUPER NERD, but he’s pretty amusing. Makes fun of Britney Spears about how she went from being innocent to a whore.

You have to admit that you’re a bit shocked to see this. I started laughing. Why? Because she went from that to…


He also straight away, admits to being a Star Wars addict. I was thinking, “Maybe I shouldn’t join this club…there are wayyy to many weirdos here…” And when I say weirdos, that is a serious understatement. They speak in fake accents, don’t shower, laugh like…”heehaw heehaw” and the guys have FREAKING LONG HAIR. Oh. Advice to guys since I just was reminded of it. Hair as long as a girls is NOT attractive/hot/cute/boyish/anything. It’s just plain creepy. Makes me think you’re a hippy…or a trans-gender. Not that I have anything against them. 🙂


September 14, 2010

Have you ever had that problem of going to the store thinking in your head, “I’m going to get some chapstick,” you go in and then you’re stuck there choosing? Well, I got a solution~ Almost 100% of the people I know have tried Lip Smackers one time or another in their life, but eventually stopped or didn’t.

Why should you not use Lip Smackers?

  • They leave gross white stuff on your lips after around 30 minutes or so.
  • Horrible for hydrating, only use it if you like to smell it, but seriously. There are better brands that smell good at the same time.
  • Made my lips PEEL after around an hour. (I know, gross.)

So, you must be asking (if you’re a Lip Smacker user), what brand should I buy then? I would have to say Softlips.

Why should you buy Softlips?

  • Makes your lips feels super soft ♥ And who wouldn’t want that eh?
  • Doesn’t leave white stuff on your lips.
  • Slim and easy to store.
  • Smell and taste great! 🙂

They usually sell these for around $3-4 and if you have any questions, here’s the link. 🙂

Sisters’ lives. Becoming better or worse?

September 14, 2010

So, Sabrina….idk what her deal is, but she’s turning into a real brat. She’s only 12 years old mind you too.  My parents got pissed at her for raising her hand when her teacher asked, “Who already has a textbook?” The teacher asked that because they were short on textbooks. That totally pissed off my mom because she was specifically told not to tell anyone that she had a textbook and now she has to lug there and back her textbook everyday. Eh. Not big of a deal yes? It’s the action really. How she ignored what my mom told her to do and just did it her own way and got totally bit back in the butt for it.^^

She’s also turning into one of those Facebook junkies. You know those people that go on Facebook 24/7? She’s one of them. Have you ever heard of the term, “camera whore”? She’s becoming one of those too. Sabrina takes pictures of herself close up with this weird, constipated-looking smile on her face. Every other day, I have to see the notice, “Sabrina Vuong has changed her profile picture” and see that she had gone on my computer, once again, and took 50 pictures of herself.

I’m guessing this Facebook trend with pictures is something that goes on in middle school. And you remember those days don’t you? Trying to be pretty, trying to be popular, trying to be “cool”. Wait till she finds out that really doesn’t matter haha.

On to the subject of my other sister, Paulina, a 14 year old, that has some issues. She is a little…dumb. Not retarded. Just doesn’t use her brain. And then when parents start yelling at her for not doing anything she goes, “I’M NO PRODIGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Well, news flash. You’re nothing if you don’t even put in effort. >.> I feel bad for her love life though. A guy she crushed on for 3 years, and knew that she liked him, didn’t like her back all that time. So, she gave up and found someone new to like. If you can see where I’m going, you probably are expecting me to say that the cycle continues on and on. You’re right. It does. Except now…the guy might actually like her back. Isn’t that great? Yeah. It is. But, want to know the sad thing? We’re MOVING this summer. One thousand miles away to be exact. Oh, what luck that is. Don’t you feel terrible? I know I do.

School and Sleep.

September 14, 2010

Well, it’s only the 3rd week of school and I’m already behind on sleep. Honors classes? I have to ask. Why? This better pay off in the future or else someone (me) is going to be a very annoyed person. My English teacher is pretty cool. Cracks jokes all the time. 🙂 I have a Spanish teacher. I’m sorry to be mean, but her breath stinks. Really bad. I like the smell of coffee and all, but not from someone’s mouth. Coffee breath=nono.

You don’t want to be this guy…

So, make sure you eat a mint/gum or rinse your mouth after you drink coffee! 🙂