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It’s my four months with my secret boyfriend. ♥

November 23, 2010

Yayyy!~ It’s been four months since I began being in a relationship with my secret boyfriend. Yeah. It’s long distance. Yeah. I haven’t met him. Yeah. My parents would kill me if they found out. But he makes me happy. Most of the time.

You probably were just like, “most of the time?” Yeah. Most of the time. Maybe it’s a thing with guys where they don’t really think about what they say…and hurt others unintentionally…Well…He and I communicate through text. Since this is our fourth month, I expected it to be like it always is, just us all day. It’s okay if he’s got things to do, those things can’t be helped. Right?

Well onto my ranting….Gosh I feel really horrible right now. I feel like….crying. I really like him, probably love him, who knows, but today…it was supposed to be special…Instead…

10 AM: First text I get is him apologizing for falling asleep on me when we were having a mini-irritated conversation the night before. So..he should make things up right? Or should I say “patch things up” ? No. He doesn’t. Instead, he doesn’t send me anything. No texts. Nothing.

1PM: …2 texts. Oooooh. Not. Our average per day is around 150, so you can see how that’s pretty pathetic.

4PM: Guess. You got it. 1.

6PM: I send a message asking what he’s been doing (in a nice way of course)

7PM: I receive the reply to my question….”Playing games with Eddie.” Me? I say “…”

7:15 PM: Sorry I’m not talking a lot. Me= Really? I never noticed.

So now. I still haven’t gotten a reply to that. *sigh* This rant made me feel better. To those reading this (if any at all) I may come off as an obsessive, clingy, temperamental, impatient girlfriend. Who knows, maybe I am, but honestly? Couldn’t he give me maybe a tiny bit more attention since it’s a semi-special day?

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