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I might get kicked out of the house.

September 18, 2010

I’m interning, or was, for a lady running for Congress. Today was supposed to be the first day I volunteered from about 10-7PM. Yeah.  A long time, but it’s only for 6 weeks, one time a week and after that I get to put it on my college app and it looks great.

My parents want me to become a doctor. To them apparently, all that is necessary for me to do to get into a good college/uni is have a good GPA and SAT’s score. Um, newsflash, the current high-school kids of today are competing in terms of spots on school councils and titles. Not just grades and SAT’s anymore.

But, my parents don’t seem to get that. They even wanted me to drop the club I’m going to be PRESIDENT of next year. Can you believe that? The interning thing I found out about by myself, as all the other things I’ve been doing so far. My parents yell at me for not doing stuff and when I find stuff to do, I get yelled at for it “not concerning my field.” If you don’t like it, why don’t YOU find something that you’ll approve. Oh that’s right. You “don’t have the time to.” Really. You talk 4 hours a day on the phone and then the other 10 hours you watch Korean dramas. You REALLY don’t have time. And now that I tell you all this to your face. And how my classes AREN’T as easy as you think JUST because I was born here, you want to disown me. Awesome.

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  1. September 18, 2010 1:27 pm

    Join the club you want to. Life goes by too quickly to miss opportunities to enjoy it. Volunteer for things for the same reasons. Then you won’t have regrets later on.
    Doc Mark

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