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I ♥ BOOBIES. A bracelet.

September 18, 2010

You were thinking something dirty when you read the first part of the title weren’t you? How naughty. A new fad is going on. The I ♥ BOOBIES bracelets.

They come in many different colors and have different widths for the band. At my school, these one inch ones are the only ones I ever see. There are half-inch ones too, although I never see them. I don’t know about other places, but the one inch ones seem to be the most popular here. They sell for about $3.95-$4, and you can get them online or any random store that chooses to sell them.

By choosing to wear the bracelet. You’re saying, “I choose to take care of my breasts” or “I support breast cancer.”

Apparently, some schools have banned these bracelets due to their “inappropriate message.”  Someone was even punished for wearing it and refusing to take it off. Really? I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that. What happened to the freedom of opinion? The rights of an individual are completely ignored here. This isn’t promoting drugs, sex, or alcohol. It’s supporting BREAST CANCER for heaven’s sake. Next they’re going to ban wearing shirts that have sarcastic messages on them because they give off an “inappropriate message.”

If you’re interested. Here’s the link to a video about the kid wearing the “I ♥ BOOBIES” bracelet and what happened to him.

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