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First Fail.

September 15, 2010
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If you don’t know yet, I am one unlucky person. You know those commercials with the person getting splashed by the water on the street as a car drives past them?

Those kinds people are me. I will be the one to screw up while everyone does perfect. I’ll be the one to get stung twice in a day while everyone else is safe. I will be the one that gets POOPED on by birds, ON MY BARE LEGS.

Heh. You think that’s bad? Think about the people that were around me that caught my bad luck hahaha. The time I got pooped on, my friend, sitting right next to me, got pooped on right on her head.

Sorry about that kid. Just had to show it. I loled when I saw that picture.

Okay. Got a little off topic. So, my first fail post about myself.

Everyone eats Cheetoes one time in there life, right? If you haven’t…you’re missing out on life, buddy. Well, Cheetoes…where was I. Oh. If you’ve tried the Flamin’ Hot kind you’ll know what I mean when I say spicy (I have a low spicy tolerance level). I was eating a bad of Cheetoes Flamin’ Hot Limon (Yummm ♥) and I got that red sauce stuff on my fingers. I love to keep it there until my fingers are bright red and then lick it off. It tastes good. Continuing on, I completely forgot about the red stuff (SPICY) on my fingers and RUBBED MY EYE. Why? I do not know. I’m an idiot. My eyes burned like the firey depths of down there. My initial reaction was, “Ah…got the itch.” A second after I realize there was the red stuff on my fingers and went numb. (Yeah, maybe I should have ran to the sink..) Guess what I did after it started burning? I TRIED TO RUB IT OUT. Again. I don’t know. Panic mode makes causes me not to be able to think straight. So now, if you were to see me, my eyes would be red and puffy and if you asked, “Why were you crying?” I might just hit you.

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